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What Is Machine Pitch ?

We often get asked "What is Machine Pitch?". Well simply put, we allow a spring operated baseball pitching machine to pitch to our 6 and 7 year old players. The machine does not require electricity or batteries. It is spring operated and works quickly and simply.

For the 2017 season we changed our "Parent Pitch" division to a "Machine Pitch 6" division. The ONLY change to this division is that we will be using the machine rather than coaches.

Why did we make this change? - Simply put, this machine is better than coaches! It throws nearly perfect strikes each time. The machine also throws the ball flatter and on a trajectory that helps our players make better contact with the baseball. We have had such positive feedback from the parents that played Machine Pitch 7 that we decided that it would make a positive change in our "Parent Pitch" division.

Here is a photo of the machine: