Starting January 1, 2017 bingo and casino volunteer opportunities are available to all Medicine Hat Little League members. These events will be open to any active Medicine Hat Little League member who would like to volunteer. In exchange for volunteering their time, the volunteer would receive a $50.00 credit. These credits may be used to cover registration, All-Star fees, All-Star uniform costs or fees for off-season training that is sponsored by Medicine Hat Little League.

The bingo and casino dates will be emailed to each member of Medicine Hat Little League along with instructions on how to sign up. Medicine Hat Little League is using a program called for scheduling these events. Each member may sign up for one spot per bingo. As well, there will be an option to sign up for an alternate spot in case there is a cancellation.

The funds received from bingo and casinos provide a vital funding tool for aiding in keeping the registration low for the Medicine Hat Little League program. These funds are used in part for field maintenance, equipment costs, etc.

Medicine Hat Little League thanks you for your continued support in teaching your children valuable life skills through the game of baseball.

Should you have any questions, please contact Medicine Hat Little League at the following email.