At no time shall a player, coach or spectator verbally or physically abuse an umpire. On any disputed call, subject to interpretation only, a coach shall call for time out prior to entering the field of play. After being granted time out by the umpire, the coach shall then question the umpire’s interpretation of the call. Failure to call for an official time out and permission to enter the playing field may result in an ejection from the game. A coach may only question a play involving the interpretation of the rules. A judgment call may NOT be questioned. Any official protest of a game must be in writing and received by the league president or umpire in chief within 24 hours. Only a protest on the interpretation of the rules will be reviewed.

Players, coaches and spectators are not permitted to direct negative comments toward opposing players or coaches at any time. Medicine Hat Little League encourages all participants to keep their comments of a positive nature. Verbal abuse towards any player from spectators will result in an automatic ejection from the ballpark. Failure to leave the facility on the request of the umpire will result in a suspension of the game.

At no time shall any participant, on site, consume alcohol during a sanctioned Little League event.

Smoking or the use of smokeless tobacco by a player, coach or umpire is NOT permitted at any time.

In accordance with Little League International rules, any player or coach getting a game ejection is subject to an automatic one game suspension. The Medicine Hat Little League Association disciplinary committee will rule on any additional penalty that may be required.

Any questions or concerns by a participant should be first directed to their respective coach. If necessary, the complaint can be issued to the respective league director. Only if a solution or compromise cannot be resolved, shall the league president be notified. Any decision by the league president and or his/her designates shall be considered final. The league president has the right to rule on any matter ; “in the best interests of Medicine Hat Little League.”