The Little League® Coach-Pitch Program was created to provide volunteer managers and coaches in the Little League Minor Baseball Division with the appropriate direction to organize and efficiently operate practices throughout the season.

This 12-week program focuses on the fundamentals of baseball and is designed to build a solid foundation for becoming a successful ballplayer, including the “emotional fuel tank,” as described by Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). The program assumes that the volunteers who have accepted the responsibility of coaching children in this age group have a limited background in baseball and even less experience with the leadership and teaching acumen that is inherent with coaching Little Leaguers® at this level of the program.

The first two weeks follow a “spring training” format, featuring three practices per week. During the season, the practice plans are adjusted to accommodate a week of activity that includes two practices and two games. Each lesson provides direction and offers insight from PCA on how to communicate and connect with the members of your team.

You are encouraged to review the entire program and use it as a training tool and guide. Utilize both the full plan and quick courses to customize your practices, so that the players under your charge are improving their skill level, developing a positive work ethic, growing their confidence on and off the field, and having fun.

Each week’s lesson offers extensive review while continuing to tout the importance of team-building and chemistry. Use the opportunities provided in this program to engage with the children on your team and grow their self-worth. Remember that Little League is a fun activity that has as its prime objective nurturing and growing well-rounded and productive people, not developing outstanding ballplayers.

Little League International thanks you for devoting your time and attention to the children in your community, and we trust that you will address your players, their parents and the local league with respect and pride.

Coach Pitch 12 Week Program



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