MHLL Machine Pitch 6 Division Rules​

Parent Pitch director: Kim King E-Mail: Cell: 403-502-5766

Coach Pitch games will start at 6:15PM. Teams will practice for 30 Minutes. Games will commence at 6:45PM. Games should be concluded by 7:15PM.

Every player deserves a chance to play each position. MHLL expects coaches to rotate players in a fair and competitive way.


All cancellations are at the discretion of the Division Director, in consultation with the Field Manager. Cancellation notifications will be posted on MHLL social media pages and texted to Head Coaches. It is the Coaches’ responsibility to notify their team. Cancellation decisions will be made on game day by 4:30 pm.

Game Play

Machine Pitch 6 division is a progression of Tee-Ball. Players will swing at three pitches thrown by a pitching machine. If the player is unable to hit three thrown pitches, a tee will be brought out and the player will hit the ball off the tee. Defensive players will attempt to make plays to get runners out. Outs are not called and all players are allowed to run the bases. Once all players have batted the half inning is over and the other team gets to bat. Each game will last three innings. Defensive teams will be allowed to have two coaches in the field of play. These defensive coaches will be encouraged to assist players with the game but should not interfere with the game. Defensive teams are encouraged to dress a player at the position of catcher and participate in the game as much as possible. Offensive teams are encouraged to have coaches on first and third to assist baserunners. Offensive teams will require a coach to pitch to players.


There will be a scheduled day for equipment and uniform pick up at the beginning of the season. Coaches are required to pick up or coordinate an alternate coach, to pick up team equipment from the MHLL garage (located at the Lions 2 diamond). There will be game balls, practice balls, catching equipment and team bats in the equipment bag. This equipment is expected to be returned to MHLL at the conclusion of the season. There will be a scheduled day for equipment drop-off.

Home Team Responsibilities:

  • ●  Listed last on the schedule
  • ●  Occupy 3rd base dugout
  • ●  Set up bases

    Visitor Team Responsibilities:

  • ●  Listed first on the schedule
  • ●  Occupy 1st base dugout
  • ●  Put away & lock up bases

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