MHLL Machine Pitch 7 Division Rules​

Machine Pitch director: Ian Ziebart E-Mail:
Cell: 403-504-6522

Machine Pitch games will start at 6:15 PM. Teams will practice for 15 Minutes. Home team will practice infield, away team practice outfield. Games should start at 6:30PM and be concluded by 7:30PM.

Every player deserves a chance to play each position. MHLL expects coaches to rotate players in a fair and competitive way.


All cancellations are at the discretion of the Division Director, in consultation with the Field Manager. Cancellation notifications will be posted on MHLL social media pages, and texted to Head Coaches. It is the Coaches’ responsibility to notify their team. Cancellation decisions will be made on game day by 4:30pm.

Game Play

Machine Pitch division is a progression of Coach Pitch. This division utilizes a mechanical pitching machine that throws consistent speed and strikes to players. Your (coach) will pitch to your own team but there will be a defensive player in position beside you to represent the pitching position for their respective team.

Kids can be called out on strikes or on bases. Offensively all kids bat, kids can be called out at the plate OR on the bases as per the normal rules of baseball. (Players are allowed SIX strikes before being called out at this level.) Three outs DOES constitute the end of a half inning. At the conclusion of all players hitting OR there has been 3 outs the half inning is considered complete and teams switch. It is important that players understand that they will not always get on base after every bat. The regular rules of baseball start to be taught at this level, however players will still get to be on base every game. (see 1st inning rule below)

If the pitching machine or coach is struck by a batted ball. The ball should be considered dead, batter is given a single base and all runners move a single base as well. Defensively kids should play positions as per the normal rules of baseball. Every player will be on the field. On a 10 man roster there can be a 4th outfielder in a rover position. A single coach is allowed in the defensive field of play to coach and position kids. You will play a minimum of 3 innings.

The 1st inning will be considered a NO STRIKE OUT inning. This will ensure that all players will get on base at least once during a game. If the player is unsuccessful in hitting the ball after 3 strikes/balls, the player may take first base. Play will continue as per normal and players may be called out on base. Play will resume until ALL players have batted during this half inning.


There will be a scheduled day for equipment and uniform pick up at the beginning of the season. Coaches are required to pick up, or coordinate an alternate coach, to pick up team equipment from the MHLL garage (located at the Lions 2 diamond). There will be game balls, practice balls, catching equipment and team bats in the equipment bag. This equipment is expected to be returned to MHLL at the conclusion of the season. There will be a scheduled day for equipment drop-off.

Home Team Responsibilities:

  • ●  Listed last on the schedule
  • ●  Occupy 3rd base dugout
  • ●  Set up bases

    Visitor Team Responsibilities:

  • ●  Listed first on the schedule
  • ●  Occupy 1st base dugout
  • ●  Put away & lock up bases

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