Please see release below from Little League Canada.

Re: COVID – 19 Impact on Operations

As we continue to follow the legal requirements and advice of the various levels of government, it has been difficult to foresee what if any opportunity local leagues will have to salvage a season, even a partial season for 2020.

Each league is bound by the requirements set out by the federal government, and the legal restrictions put in place by provincial governments. Leagues are also dealing with local governments who in most if not all cases, have prohibited the use of fields within those cities and towns.

Various authorities recognize the need to provide a healthy outdoor activity for our children, but guarded by an abundance of caution, we have yet to see any possible solutions which will allow Little League games to meet the requirements for social distancing and sanitation of jointly used equipment.

In baseball, we face many social distancing issues, for example; the proximity of the umpire, catcher, and batter is just one concern among others such as; the throwing of the baseball between players and the general proximity that can occur between players during the normal course of play.

All this means is that we do not have the ability to control the situation, or to plan much without knowing what restrictions will be eased, when they will be eased, and which of these restrictions can be modified to satisfy the authorities.

I understand how frustrating this is for you, the children, and your league’s many volunteers.

I personally find this frustrating as well, but we have to understand that as a country in this together we are currently focusing on the need to maintain our vigilance and follow the rules presently in place to safeguard the children, families, and league volunteers. Our priority is the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the Little League program.

In the meantime, we can start to think about what would be possible once the restrictions are eased. Each league and district will have different things to consider which apply to them.

Please keep safe!


Roy Bergerman President & Acting Regional Director, Little League Canada