We hope our ball families are enjoying the sunshine and spending time playing catch together. It is so difficult for us to not see the City’s diamonds full of faces, hearing the laughter and watching them grow.

Today we must communicate the difficult decision our board came to last night that is our 2020 Spring Season is officially cancelled, and as communicated before, All-Star will not occur either as team travel is not allowed.

This decision was not made lightly and it is difficult for us to say there is no baseball for the season.  We feel there are too many risks for the players, the practice coaches, the families and the league. There are many challenges that we are faced with during COVID-19 and we want to ensure safety is our primary focus, but also providing an environment that is fun. We also have a large challenge from a volunteer base due to the added workload necessary to abide by the safety guidelines and the costs required to run a league with additional PPE.

At this time, no games are allowed, and we would only be able to provide practices as per the information provided to us from the Government of Alberta. We are very fortunate in our community to have the Medicine Hat Mavericks that are currently providing opportunities for ballplayers to practice skills and drills. We feel that it is best to provide you with the opportunity to do skills and drills with an organization that is not volunteer-run.
We will be issuing refunds to all MHLL families that were registered.

We want to reiterate how difficult this decision was for our board. We have a link here to show you the guidelines so you understand the challenges a volunteer organization has with this.

We will continue to monitor guidelines coming from Alberta Health Services, Government of Alberta, and the City of Medicine Hat. If we see an opportunity for a fall baseball season, we will move forward with that option. Our hope is that the guidelines will loosen up, but if they should not, we encourage our members to advise if they are interested in supporting the board with the necessary tasks that would be required to have a fall baseball season. We cannot run a full season with the current volunteer base if the same guidelines are necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Medicine Hat Little League has no insurance as of today. If you are on City Diamonds, you are responsible for your own insurance.