Medicine Hat Little League

AGM will be held October 29 at 7 p.m.

Baseball players to practice pitching outside

Learn More About Our Organization

Medicine Hat Little League is a non-profit organization to help and voluntarily assist young boys and girls in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being through the medium of baseball and softball with guidance and exemplary leadership.

Feel free to reach out to our board to learn more on how you can be engaged with our organization.

Coaching Support!

We are focused on supporting our coaches to ensure player development which is why we have a Director focused solely on developing coaches and kids.

House League

Our House League season runs from mid-April to June. House League is an opportunity for kids age 4-17 to participate on a ball team that is together a minimum of 2 days/week.

Challenger Division

This important division enables every child the opportunity to participate in a team sport where they can meet new friends and challenge themselves on the diamonds.

All-Star Division

All-Star teams are selected for the Minor, Major, Intermediate and Junior divisions each season to compete in Little League tournaments after regular spring season.

Registration open January 2021

Watch our Facebook page for more information on registration!

Medicine Hat Little League Programs

Prices for 2020 season with details on the programs.

Little Sluggers

Our Little Sluggers division provides the following:

  • Entry-level play for 4+
  • Co-ed teams
  • Parent participation encouraged
  • Basic skills are introduced
  • Players are to have fun & stay active
  • Learn more at Little League Baseball

Machine Pitch

Our Machine Pitch division provides the following:

  • Introduction to pitches
  • Ages 6 & 7
  • Co-ed teams
  • Continue to expand on basic skills
  • Dedicated coaches for each team
  • Learn more at Little League Baseball

Kid Pitch 8 & 9

Our Kid Pitch division provides the following:

  • Introduction to pitching
  • There will be a division of 8 and a division of 9 year olds
  • Learning to hit off of player pitches
  • Opportunity to try out for All-Star
  • Learn more at Little League Baseball


Our Minor Division provides the following:

  • Further developing of pitchers
  • 10-year-old players
  • Co-ed teams
  • Introduction to stealing bases
  • Ability to tryout for All-Star
  • Learn more at Little League Baseball

Teen Age

Our Teen Age program provides the following:

  • Players ages 14-16
  • 90' diamond with 60' pitching distance
  • Ability to try out for All-Star
  • High-school players invited
  • Learn more at Little League Baseball


Our Majors Division provides the following:

  • Co-ed teams
  • 11-12 year old players
  • 60' diamond with 46' pitching distance
  • Ability to dual roster for 2 divisions
  • Ability to try out for All-Star
  • Learn more at Little League Baseball

All-Star Division

All-Star is our summer program that runs from mid-June to August. Try-outs are held and the league selects teams based on the assessments from the tryouts.

  • Players compete at a higher level
  • Players have the ability to compete at Provincials and represent our league.
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Our Intermediate Division provides the following:

  • For 13-year-old players
  • Co-ed teams
  • 50' pitching distance & 70' diamonds
  • Offers transition of field size
  • Ability to tryout for All-Star
  • Learn more at Little League Baseball

Proposed Schedule

Our schedules are not finalized until April 24. Upon team selections, you will receive an invitation from your Division Director and/or coach that will give you information on your roster, your coach and your schedule.
Division Day of the Week
Little Sluggers Monday and Wednesday
Coach/Parent Pitch Tuesday and Thursday
Machine Pitch 7 Monday and Wednesday
Kid Pitch 8 Sunday Evenings, Tuesday and Thursday
Kid Pitch 9 Sunday Evening, Monday and Wednesday
Minors Sunday Evening, Tuesday and Thursday
Majors Sunday Evening, Monday thru Thursday
Intermediate Sunday Evening, Monday thru Thursday
Seniors Sunday Evening, Monday thru Thursday

Games will start at 6:15 p.m. for all divisions.

There will be some Sunday evenings necessary. It will not be every Sunday, but some Sundays necessary due to the limitations we have with the number of diamonds we have available.

When registration is finalized the official schedule will become available through TeamSnap.

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