All-Star Information

2024 MHLL All-Star Divisions

Minors (10U)

Majors (12U)


Juniors (14U)

Seniors (16U)

All-Star Summer Ball Season

Reasons to try out for All-Star

  • Represent Medicine Hat
  • Travel tournaments
  • Enjoy summer on the diamond
  • Opportunity to go to the Little League World Series

2024 All-Star Tryout Dates!

Tryouts for All-Star and Summer Ball teams are scheduled for May 24-26, 2024. Division All-Star teams are chosen from the Minor, Major and Teenage house league divisions to compete in Little League tournaments after the regular house league season. The season runs practices during house league with the season typically finishing the second week of August.

The Minor, Major, Junior and Senior All-Star teams will be eligible to play in district, provincial and national championship tournaments as follows:

Minor Division All-Stars (7 to 10 year old) Medicine Hat enrolls a AAA, AA and single A team(s) at this level. Minor AAA Provincial Championship Tournament, Minor All-Star Invitational Tournament and Little League Alberta Minor Prairie Championship tournament. If we have enough interest and coaches for Minor All-Star Teams, there will be interlock games in preparation for tournament play. There is no Little League Minor Canadian Championships or World Series.

Major Division All-Stars (11 and 12 year old) Medicine Hat enrolls a AAA team and one to two AA teams, numbers permitting. Major AAA Provincial/Prairie Championship Tournament. If MHLL wins, they will represent Alberta at the Canadian Little League Championship tournament. The Canadian Champion advances to the Little League World Series.

Junior Division All-Stars (13 and 14 year old) Medicine Hat enrolls one AA team at this level. There is a Provincial/Prairie Championship Tournament. There is no Little League Junior AA Canadian Championships or World Series.

Senior All-Stars (15 and 16 year old) Medicine Hat enrolls one Senior AA All-Star team at this level. There is no Little League Senior Canadian Championships or World Series.

The All-Star teams may also play in various tournaments throughout June and July.

MHLL offers the opportunity for AA teams that will compete in AA Interlock league play in June and July. All AA teams have the opportunity to attend the Little League Alberta Prairie Championship normally held during the August long weekend to end the All-Star season.

Communication and Timing of All-Star Team Selections

A notice will be issued by either the League or one of the divisional coordinators regarding the tryout times and locations for All-Star teams in each division. District All-Star teams will be selected on or after the date specified by Little League International each year.  All-Star teams will be disbanded after their District, Provincial, National or International play has ended. AA teams will be disbanded after Inter-lock league and tournament play is completed.

The parents will be informed of the number of games, tournaments, practice commitments, additional team fees, and any volunteering that is required by the Coach/Manager.

Managers and Coaches

Managers/Coaches of the All-Star and Select teams are chosen by the MHLL Board of Directors All-Star Committee and voted in by MHLL Board Executive or more than one candidate is presented. Applications by interested coaches are submitted for their review. Per MHLL policy AAA head coaches must head coach a house league team. Per MHLL policy It is the responsibility of the selection committee that all successful applicants meet this criteria. The appointed Coaches will each be partially responsible for the selection of their respective teams. The Head Coach will have appointed their first assistant coach and have the opportunity to choose their second assistant approved by the MHLL Board of Directors.  Any coach wishing to be considered for an All-Star team must have coached in during the regular season at least 60% of the games played in a division.


Any player may try out for an All-Star team for which they are eligible to play based on their age and residence eligibility requirements. For All-Star picks, you must play on a league team and be of legal age for your division. For All-Star teams these ages are Rookie Jr (7) Rookie Sr (8) and Minor (9,10) Major (11,12), Teenage (13-16).

Players will be selected to teams as per Medicine Hat Little League Policy in the following order Majors AAA, Intermediate AAA, Junior AAA. All other teams in Minors, Majors, and Senior to follow.

All players must play at least 60% (approx 12 games) of their league scheduled games.

It is mandatory that players play within their designated division and age group for All-Star.

Selection Process and Criteria

Players will be rated in an unbiased manner during the selection process where individual skills and abilities will be noted and rated by impartial assessors.

Selection criteria are eligibility, availability, ability, skills, desire and specific team needs. They will be considering in addition to baseball skills, a players’ behavior throughout the entire baseball season and its consistency with the Players Code of Conduct including a positive attitude, sportsmanship, teamwork and regular participation.

The players are expected to make a commitment to try and attend all practices and games. If a player is notified about being selected to an All-Star team, the parents should let the head coach know if vacations and other conflicts will prevent the player from participating. Player availability may affect team selection.


The fees for each team will be determined by that team’s coaches based on expected team expenses. Estimated all-star team fees for 2024 range from $450 (A), $600 (AA), $675 (AAA) per player. Additionally, parents are expected to purchase a red helmet, pants with red piping, red belt and red socks for their player to coordinate with the MHLL All-Star uniform, which is theirs to keep. Parents are also responsible for the travel costs to and from out-of-town games as well as accommodations.

Reach out for more information regarding our All-Star program

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